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24 June – DONE!

Dan Rath has enough parking ticket debt to cripple a small European country and he has watched his car get cubed by the government. He has been disrespected by his colleagues and is bruised and battered with nothing to lose. His low status means he has heightened cortisol production and is not equipped to take a gentle ribbing. He has a diverse set of interests including prime numbers.

His comedy will appeal to:

a) burnouts with no driver’s license
b) folks who have paid a visit to marijuana island
c) scumdogs

Dan Rath is ready to capitulate to the desires of the audience. All this stammering boob wants is a playmate.


Al Del Bene (USA) has toured extensively with Jon Lovitz and Tim Allen. He has performed in over one hundred sold out stadiums with Dane Cook and has performed at the Sydney Opera House with Bill Burr.

– appeared on Channel 10 and the Comedy Channel.

Al has been awarded “Comedian of the Year” by the L.A. Comedy Awards and is proud to have performed for the troops in Kuwait and Iraq.


Sarah Gaul is an award-winning musical comedienne, actor, writer and improvisor.

Sarah is a Sydney-based multi-hyphenate who loves nothing more than performing, eating assorted cheeses and sitting at the local dog park with bacon-lined pockets.

She’s so good that we’ve got her at The Bar Ha Ha every night of the Festival this year.


Your MC for the night is an absolute favourite at the Hunters Hill Comedy Festival, local boy Marty Bright. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys in the Sydney comedy scene. He’s a tireless tourer and just won the Artistic Merit Award at Dubbo Fringe. He’s utterly charming and downright hilarious.

Who else?

The ridiculously talented Christian Elderfield is a UK comic whose electric stage presence and astute wit has thrilled audiences since he started comedy in 2011. Christian is a very accomplished comedian with 4 Edinburgh festivals under his belt, 2 Adelaide Fringes, one Perth Fringe, and also an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent where he received 4 yes’s from the judges. He also runs a very successful monthly comedy night at The Quarrymans Hotel in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Guneet Kaur is an emerging comedian who gracefully stumbled her way onto the stages of Sydney’s comedy scene two years after a really bad break up. Some would argue that’s quite a jump. Guneet would argue that they f**k off. She was a National Finalist at 2022 Raw Comedy and runs Yeah the Girls weekly comedy night in Chippendale. Her quirky brilliance and hilarious take on the many layers of her identity will have you falling in love.

Carolyn Swindell is Australia’s favourite wealthy white lady comedian. She’s also a Hunters Hill local.

Plus more!

BOOK HERE! Tickets on sale 5pm 25 May

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